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"Rather than relying too heavily on the visual manipulation techniques acquired through post-production editing, Pierro incorporates natural materials like flour, milk, and water on set, within the frame of the shoot.​

Since we last saw Pierro, appearing through clouds of flour and covered in soapy water, he has continued his expressive works, producing more amazing shots to add to his 100 Self-Portraits project. Using a variety of elements, including new ones like wool and newspapers, the photographer immerses himself in his tightly-framed environment, translating human emotions while presenting a multitude of colors, textures, and materials. 

Pierro's intentions with these series of images, as he explained to us in the past, are to link man with mother nature. The photographer himself serves as the representation of man with all of his facial expressions, visible emotions, and composition and the elements represent the earth from which they came. Even if some of the materials are man-made, they reflect man's interaction with nature."

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